Monday, April 16

Celebs Just Wanna Have Fun

The Miami Heat players and wives had a Family Day event this weekend:

Awww. I see D-Wade is still hella sexy...

And Shaunie is looking fab after popping put a ridiculous amount of kids. Having obese pockets must be nice...

Oh...Tracey Mourning thought this was a good look. Bless her heart.

Gary Payton and his wife

Looks like Siovaughn is about to pop that baby out tomorrow.

Speaking of babies...

Sources are saying that Mel B. has agreed to a paternity test to pacify Eddie's whining. But she is anything but happy about it. Things just got real interesting...

Both of the above are said to be Rih Rih's album cover. And did they cut off that forehead? Comedy.

Q-Tip's surprise b-day party went down last night at Loft:

Just stank....

Fun times.

The Randomness:

  1. The season finale of Girlfriends goes down May 7th. And it may be the series finale.

  2. This week's Blind Item is over at my Gossipspace.
Stay fab!