Monday, April 16

New Couple Alerts: Rihanna/Omarion+Da Brat/Some Chick

Word has it that Omarion and Rihanna are R&B's newest couple. Supposedly they've been dating for a little over 2 months. They were spotted out eating and going to the movies at The Grove in LA recently.

I would love to see them side by side when Rih's wearing her usual 4 inch heels:

Oh really Omarion?

Now we all know damn well Da Brat is anything but strictly dickly, but of course she's never been out about.....until this weekend:

Apparently SOHH Gyant caught up with Brat and her new lady friend at a performance she did. And there's video of Brat talking about her lady lover's lips and where they've been. Damn.

The Randomness:

  1. I thought I was over it, but now I'm pissy again about Imus after folks in the media are telling us we're "over reacting". Read my blog entry about it here.