Monday, July 30

The Double Saga Continues

Marsha A. and Amanda Diva at Friday night's concert in DC

So as y'all know, I hit up the Floetry REMIXED tour/concert here in DC this weekend. And after a lot of confusion popped off a few days ago about what happened to Natalie "The Floacist" and Amanda Diva joining in...y'all know I had to get the scoop. So I chit chatted it up backstage with the NEW Floetry and tried to get some things cleared up...but this is also very new to them as well. So basically, Marsha Ambrosius says she was unaware that the original duo had parted ways until she realized they hadn't spoken for several months and she read Natalie's myspace blog earlier this year. Natalie basically told her fans she was doing her own solo thing and that was that. A YBF fan even sent in a response from Natalie via myspace messaging when she asked what was up. Check it:

Hello Sweetheart...xx I appreciate your concern...I wasn't involved in the orginization of this tour and I overstand that it is misleading. I wont be there...Marsha is entitled to use the name if she so chooses, and she has. That is all I can share with you on this sister...xx Thank you for your support and loyalty...I do not take it for granted...xx Look out for SUPER HEROINE...that is how I shall be listed...xx If there are any changes I shall let everybody know right here...via bloggs and bulletins...xx Love...xx SH...xx

Interesting. So when I brought this up to Marsha...she cleared the air that there is no beef on her end saying "That's still my sister and I love her still." She explained that they "parted as grown women" and there were some issues of not getting along which made it difficult for Marsha to just do what she loved (singing) and difficult for others around them. How she hooked up with Amanda Diva was by happenstance and it all just worked out. Be sure to check out the YBF video channel for a clip of Natalie's explanation on their getting together. And by the way, Marsha was sure to state that she is "straight as can be" in response to the lesbian rumors.

Marsha also gave a long explanation of what exactly went down
on her myspace blog here. Basically...Marsha and Amanda ARE Floetry and their tour right now is called the Floetry Remixed tour. They said they have no control over how management chooses to promote the tour. Management used images of the original Floetry for promo purposes and some fans were upset when they got to the concert and realized the deal.

I will say that the show and sound is not exactly the same...but it's still pretty damn fab. Real talk. Floetry fans who know the deal going into the concert won't be disappointed.

This ish aint funny Tameka

I literally have a headache about this Ursh and Tameka ish. But of's my job to report the latest developments. A source who is close enough to Ursh to know exactly what's going on has relayed some interesting info to YBF. Apparently it is indeed true that Momma Patton wasn't going to their wedding...but it wasn't only because of Tameka. It also had to do with her planning her own wedding and doing interviews she's slated for to get some publicity. Surprise surprise. And now Tameka has been "rushed" to the hospital and has been seen "holding her stomach". But my source says back when she was about 4 months preggers, the whole baby story fizzled THEN and they wouldn't be surprised if there was a miscarriage story to come out in days to come. Wow. And yes, I'm still sticking by my exclusive story from months ago that the baby is/was not Ursh's. Folks everywhere doubted me at first but I see folks hopping on the bandwagon now.

Apparently all the tent setups and wedding gear outside of L.A. Reid's home (it allegedly wasn't even his home in the pics floating around with the wedding setup but it was Russell and Kiki's) were all staged anyway. Basically this is a whole well paid for stage play gone terribly out of control. Usher supposedly does have love for Tameka, but their agreement to do a wedding publicity stunt has gone to Tameka's head and everything has spun out of control. And according to my source, it all started with her leaking the story HERSELF about her ex con activities thanks to her publicity cravings. Ursh already knew about it but the leak was not part of the plan. So thanks to all the last minute drama (moms being upset, leaks, and Tameka's bad attitude), the wedding was had to be called off. Just...damn. Paid jumpoffs need to understand their roles....