Monday, April 9

Weekend Recap

Gabby and Craig David were spotted at SET in Miami...partying it up as usual:

Craig is looking quite yummy these days.

Shar's telling media sources that she underwent surgery (tummy tuck and breast lift) late January this year. She said nothing else was getting rid of her stretch marks. Poor Shar thinks that surgery was her problem....

Shante' Broadus, Boss Lady Entertainment, and her hubby Snoop hosted the Community Easter Egg Hunt in LA yesterday:

Lady of Rage and Shante'

Marcus Polk

Cordell Broadus, Cori Broadus, Snoop Dogg, Shante' Broadus and Corde Broadus

I'm still mad at her for her ignorant ass comments on that Hip Hop Wives show on E!. She made it clear that she could care less about all the chicks Snoop messes with on the side. She said he's hers all the time. Boo.

Beyonce arrived in Tokyo today to kick off her Japan Tour:

That ponytail...and Angie's red lipstick...are killin' me.

She also greeted her fans at the Samantha Thavasa DELUXE store:

Rockin' those Louboutins that I love too.

So fabulous. Speaking of B, Jay-Z and his people have made an official statement on his baby momma rumors. He says it's all ludicrous and people should be ashamed of themselves for believing that woman's story. And folks are wrong for using this child for exploitation purposes. Funny funny.

Aoki and Ming Lee Simmons hosted an Easter Party at the Phat Farm Flagship Store in Soho on Saturday:

Are we really letting kids under the age of 10 host parties?

They get all that stuntin' from their momma.

And finally, AK was spotted at the Knicks game this weekend looking fab:

She brought her half brother along.


And she chatted it up with Sway. Alicia's also telling folks she thinks the Size 0 standards for women in Hollywood (who aren't naturally that size) are ridiculous because it's not healthy or attractive. Reppin' the CGU all day.....

The Randomness:

  1. So now Imus is all upset about his derogatory remarks about black women---letting tears fall and putting on a sad face. But guess what--I could give a rat's ass. And he'll be on Al Sharpton today (y'all know everybody thinks Al is the spokesperson for all black people). Imus is claiming he's extremely sorry, he didn't realize what he said was so offensive at the time, he's not a malicious person, and he wants to talk to the b-ball team he trashed and "the black community" to tell them how stupid his comment was and how bad he feels about it. Note to Imus--if you come across YBF on your "black outlets I can use to make nice with" list....keep it movin'. Your apologies are patronizing and just as infuriating as the comments themselves. I don't believe you didn't mean every bit of what you said and you knew damn well what it meant. The journalistic community has labeled you one of the smartest and engaging journalists on tv--and you speak on politics and issues as if you have a clue. But now you say you just didn't know how offensive your remarks were? Are you ignorant or socially conscious? You can't be both. So clearly you knew exactly what you were saying and the only thing you're sorry about it that your comment is catching negative heat. I'd respect you more if you just say "Yeah, I said it and meant it. And what?"