Friday, April 13

Friday Crumbs

Hot damn. Mel B. pulled a gangsta move and slapped Eddie Murphy's name on her baby's birth certificate as the father. I put 5 on it Eddie's not about to demand a paternity test because he knows the damn deal. What? Johnny got ya tounge? Fess up Eddie...

Halle is taking over the May issue of Ebony:

{Click Pics}

Loves the dresses.

Because the 457 other movies about black hair salons weren't enough:

Check out the trailer
here. The writers of Barber Shop and Beauty Shop both need to sue.

The Randomness:

  1. Paris Bennett is talking ish about American Idol and says she's doing the Vote for the Worst campaign and voting for Sanjaya. Let go of the bitterness boo.
  2. I'm just not looking forward to this.