Sunday, April 15

Fresh Fabness

Selita Ebanks hosted Very Sexy Victoria's Secret Party at Mansion last night:

So they're still together....


Preston Bailey

Word on the streetz is that Usher has hired the ultimate NY event planner Preston Bailey for he and Tameka's November wedding.

And I hear they are making the event extremely private and it may be a destination wedding on the island of Aquila....and they will be spending part of their 3 week honeymoon in the South of France. I aint even mad....

But too bad news aint all that grand of Kanye and Alexis...who never even set a date. Word has it they have called off their engagement indefinitely. I guess Alexis caught on to Ye's "tendencies"....

Rih Rih was spotted out shopping in L.A. at The Grove Center:

Somebody looks a lil pissy the cameras are all in her mug....


Megan and the whackness that is her earrings were out partying at the Canal Room in NY:

I really need her to understand that ghetto girl earrings are not, never have been, and never will be a fab trademark. Boo. Somebody pass her some rubbing alcohol to clean that ish....

And Tatyana Ali hit up the new club Runway opening:

Where have youuu been Tatyana?

Lil Romeo is all grown up.
He has officially signed to play b-ball for the USC Trojans *shudders at the naughty thoughts of Reggie Bush at the mention of USC* and is on that NBA track. His 4th album Gumbo Station hits shelves May 22nd.

The Alter Ego Tour 2007 with Tyrese and Trey Songz (hosted by AJ Johnson) went down in NYC last night:

And KeKe Palmer kicked it backstage with Trey: old are you again KeKe? You lookin' extra cheesy with Trey. Is something going down that we need to know about?

Aisha Tyler wrecked the hell out of a car in the 31st Annual Toyota Pro-Celebrity Race, in Long Beach Friday:

Apparently she had a damaged bumper.

Because I'm a fan of putting fresh new artists on blast:

Ryan Shaw is a debut R&B artist off of Def Jam and his album This Is Ryan Shaw drops April 17th. If you're a fan of Motown oldies....he's an artist for you. Check out his myspace
here and you can hear his whole album before it drops over at VH-1.

Check out Ne-Yo's leaked track with J-Hud called "Leaving Tonight". Me no likey....but maybe it'll grow on me since I'm sure this track will get played out on the radio.


YBF reader and fan Lauren Smith hit up Fanny's opening night at The Color Purple on Broadway and wanted to give YBF readers her exclusive review of the night...from one YBF fan to others. She's also a freelance associate producer for a big network. Here's her review:

Last night, I had the pleasure of being a part of Fantasia’s opening night in “The Color Purple” on Broadway. I’ll admit, I had my apprehensions about a 22-year-old who’d never seen a Broadway show taking on one of the most difficult roles on Broadway. And let’s not forget “Life Is Not a Fairytale: The Fantasia Barrino Story…”

One thing I definitely did not expect from Fantasia was
how funny she would be! Of all five times I’ve seen the production, Fantasia was by far the funniest and most relatable Celie. Her facial expressions when interacting with the actresses who play her sister Nettie and Shug Avery were
absolutely priceless. She also did a little bit of her trademark Fantasia
‘dancing’ toward the end of the show when she was trying to get her flirt on.

Fantasia’s acting and characterization of Celie was pretty good. So
good, in fact, that I almost forgot that she had braces. Almost. She did a
little too much fake crying throughout the show, and she’s going to need some help making the transition from young Celie to older Celie. But, all things considered, her acting was definitely a huge leap away from the ‘acting’ in that unfortunate Lifetime movie. And that’s the last time we’re going to bring that up.

As a die-hard Color Purple fan, I definitely noticed a few times
when Fantasia stumbled over her lines. Maybe it was the excitement or the braces, but she definitely said “fose foffice” for “post office” and stumbled a bit over her “I curse you Mister..” speech toward the end of the show.

Of course, it comes as no surprise that Fantasia completely brought the
house down every time she opened her mouth to sing. She really has an amazing instrument, and she did a brilliant job finding a balance between making the songs her own and maintaining the integrity of the story. I even found myself shouting a few too many “you go, girl!”s. She was that good.

During the
final bows, the audience gave Fantasia a standing ovation, and when she saw all the people clapping for her and her huge purple bouquet from the cast, she went into full-on ugly cry mode. You could tell she was completely overwhelmed, touched, and proud of herself. She was definitely moved, and so was everyone
else. Overall, Fantasia definitely proved that she has the chops to carry a Broadway show, and I know that she will only get better and better for the rest of her six month run. Go see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stay fab!