Tuesday, April 10

Halle Frenzy+Other Fabness

Ms. Berry is still on full on promo mode for her movie Perfect Stranger opening this Friday the 13th. She first hit up the Late Show with David Letterman yesterday:

And the hottest Presidential candidate ever since President Palmer (my 24 fans know wassup) was there too:

Oh yes. Mr. Obama.

Then Halle hit up her premiere tonight in the NYC:

And killed the game in this black fishscale like mini dress. Fabulous.

And the usually fab Kerry Washington was there too:

But I'm not feeling anything about her look for once.

And now the HB is gracing the cover and spread of Esquire magazine's May issue:

ONTD has the rest of the pics. Gorgeous.

Jawn has the low down about fab chick Victoria Rowell/Dru's exit from Y&R. And also what she's going to be up to now. I'm still bitter....

Tony Braxton took some time out of her Vegas Showgirl status yesterday. She peformed at a concert for Autism Speaks Benefiting Autism Research at Frederick Rose Hall in New York yesterday:

And Randal Pinkett was also there:

And finally, DJ Khaled and Akon hit up 106 and Park:

I see Rosci messed up the pic per usual-chick so desperately wants to be a star via her groupie status. So I hear....

Somebody tap Akon and let him know neon rarely looks good on anyone...especially not a neon concoction of sunflower yellow and sreaming green.

The Randomness:
  1. Duke University is trying to stick T.I. for his paper. Story
  2. I suggest that Snoop just buy a damn jailhouse. He spends more time there than at home anyway....Story
  3. Imus got slapped on the wrist with a 2 week suspension. Story