Wednesday, April 25

Mini Fab

Mel B.'s beautiful baby Angel Iris Murphy Brown is in her first ever photo spread. Here are the pics of Mel, Baby Angel, and Phoenix from the upcoming issue of OK! mag:

{Click Pics}

Is it just me or does Mel looks more fabulous post baby? I love these pics.

Here's a few folks who made People's Most Beautiful People List in the upcoming issue:

Halle and J-Lo rocked it per usual.

I'm glad to see people are taking notice of Kerry's fabulousness.

And the hotness that is Wentworth Miller made the list too.

So Tyra and Russey Simmons are cheap? They reportedly left Brooklyn Diner on W. 57th St. Saturday together...Ming Lee and Aoki in tow...without paying the tab. Maybe they were just mesmerized by all the paparazzi that was likely following them around due to Russell's Do You! book dropping yesterday.

And in non-YBF news:

I told y'all back in January that my sources told me Vanessa Manillo was leaving TRL..either by getting the ax or just by leaving. And today she made it official. Chick is moving in with Nick and chunking TRL the deuce. And I don't care if it is 80 degrees outside right now....I need this whole look...right now.


  1. I know I wasn't the only one watching The Search for the Next Tranny Doll. Team Asia in this piece...~Dlisted

  2. Y'all know Tyra called up Sasha after this to try to bond~BWE

  3. Russey Simmons is not joining the Stop Snitchin' movement~Nah Right

  4. And in non-YBF news, lipo who?~The Superficial

  5. Note to Suge Knight....b*tch please~TMZ

  6. Russell's still a publicity slut~Juicy

  7. Are we more disturbed by the thought of a Mike Jones' sex tape or the fact he probably would scream "WHO?????" through the whole thing~Ya Heard???

Stay fab!