Sunday, August 26

Wipe 'Em Down

Note to Serena....

Sweaty armpit stains on a cute satin dress are never a good look. Somebody wipe this chick down.

Eve was at that US Open Official Player Party at Ono in NY right there with Serena:

And looked hot. D.U.I. jewelry and all...

Baby Z hit up Central Park with the fam yesterday:

Clearly she was killin' some snacks today.

J. Holliday and Javier performed at a J&R Musicfest in NY yesterday:


And Aisha Tyler was spotted at the Balls of Fury premiere in LA:

I thought she was preggers there for a second....

The Randomness:
  1. Sad news for John Singleton.
  2. WTF is up with black men and dogs these days? Story