Thursday, August 16

Celebrity Face Time

It's that time again....

Time for another installment of House of Damnitsstillwrong. The Knowles Clan launched their junior Dereon line in Toronto last night at Ultra Supper Club:

Hopefully you're rethinking that creation back there Mama Tina.


Interesting. Shout out to my girl DJ Sivuplay who rocked the DJ Booth at the event last night.

Macy Gray was spotted at Lapdance Tuesdays at Prive last night:

And Rihanna was doing her usual...

...walking the streets with her pimp cane.

And Gary Dourdan was spotted out and about in the streets of Hollywood:

At least he's not body slamming any paps this time.

Jenny was spotted vacaying in Puerto Rico with her man:

And it looks like Bow Wow and Angela Simmons either really are on couple status or they like to stir up the rumor mill:

They were spotted getting the Madden 08 release party this week.


Is that Remy Ma looking...dare I say it...chic...on her way to court this week? Hot damn.

Keep it fab!