Monday, August 6

Face Time

Time to check in on our fave YBF baby:

Baby Zahara was at her brother Maddox's 6th b-day party. Apparently there was a soldier theme going on. Too cute still.

And while Beyonce was out in the streets of the Ukranian Institute in NY taping her new American Express commercial (this chick is pissing off all kinds of folks these days being plastered all over the paparazzi lenses--funny funny)....

... MiMi was "leaking" her REAL ad for her new smell good called "M":

I surely wasn't at all crunk about smelling like some MiMi...but this ad is definitely fabulous.

And look who else has some of his debut smell good ads out:


What in the 1990's cutoff shorts lavender leaopard skin corset hell does Trina have on?:

@DJ Khaled's video shoot this weekend

Are we really wearing ish like this on video shoots now? I guess the diamonds were supposed to class up the joint...Whatev.

The Randomness:

  1. There are just SOOO many things wrong with this right here.

  2. Duane Martin has confirmed that there is no divorce and he is not gay. Well, according to Cheryl Underwood he did while they were in Turks and Caicos over the weekend....