Monday, August 13

Evening Tidbits+A Curl

I know I'm not the only one falling out laughing at this. Kel Mitchell is a fool indeed with this "Same Curl" video. Long and wavy....

Some rappers hit up the 2nd Annual TJ's DJs Tastemakers Conference Artist Panel in Miami this weekend:

Slim and Jackie-O were there.

For once she's looking like she didn't just get dropped off at the hood ass club you see folks' grandmommas at.

But speaking of hood:

Pitbull thought posing with the butt naked but spray painted "Crunk Models" at the conference was a good idea. Why were there butt naked except the thong spray painted models there anyway? Damn shame.

And I see Diamond from Crime Mob is still out the slammer. Good for her.

Omarion and Bow Wow hit up TRL today:

Damn if they don't look like the Lollipop Guild.

And Bow Weezy's ex performed in some cut out leather pants at the Screamfest Tour in Kansas City:

Get it CiCi.

And Robin Givens was spotted out and about with her sons Buddy and Billy:

Pic Source: TC


Keep it fab!