Friday, August 24

Druggies Have The Best Week Ever

In non YBF news....

Amy Winehouse and her equally cracked out husband got into a bloody brawl in their hotel room (apparently with each other), then hit the London streets at 3:30a to go to the store like aint sh*t happen. There's more pics and the rest of the story here of their messed up selves. Domestic abuse is clearly the theme of the week.

In other formerly coked up news....

Out and about after her jail stint

Why did Nicole Ritchie spend 82 minutes of her 4 day sentence yesterday? Must be nice...

The Joneses took their fabulousness to the pages of Fashion Rocks:

Source: TC

How can you not love these two?

And lil Zoe Kravitz has a new man:

His name is Ben Foster and apparently he's about 10 or 12 years older than her. Interesting. that you Melly Mel?:

Kickin it with Doug E.

WTF was really going on at this party he and Sway hosted at The Plumm last night?

And Baby Phat publicist BJ Coleman's b-day party went down at Stereo in NY last night:

Misa Hylton was there.

So was Angie Simmons in some animal print shorts. Not sure how I feel about those.


And Ms. Jay and Ms. Bentley came out too. Yeah I meant it.

Venus announced the launch of her new athletic shoe and apparel line "Eleven" at a press conference yesterday:

Somebody stepped up their style game a notch...

Stay fab!