Thursday, August 23


50, Kanye, Diddy, and Hov><

The beef publicity stunt between Kanye and 50 was on display...again...last night at Madison Square Garden. The cash kings of hip hop all hit the stage for a surprise performance with Yung Joc
at the Screamfest concert. All that money/power on that stage does something to a chick....

Mel B. was spotted out and about this week with the kiddies:

Well...with somebody's kid.

She's looking fab though.

Rihanna is all over the UK:
She hit up the Mobo Awards.

UK chicks Jamelia and Charley were there too:

When Kanye was in London a couple days ago, he hit up a strip club and reportedly left without paying his lapdancing and bar tab.

And he partied with Rih Rih at other clubs that night:

AK looked gorgeous on TRL this week:

Her new movie The Nanny Diaries comes out tomorrow.

Bow Wow was there with Paula Deanda.

And Key Key Cole made an appearance:

Can we focus for a second on Percy Miller's offspring?:

Oh really Romeo?

Oh Tevin. I literally have uncontrollable laughter everytime I check this pic.

Naomi Campbell is slamming magazines like Vogue for not appreciating the beauty of black women. Speak on it Na Na...

CiCi was at her "I Will Not Lose" campaign event this week:

It's Birdman baby....

Not fly in any weather.

And finally, B Dot O was spotted in Manhattan yesterday:


The Randomness:
  1. I'm all about fair and equal justice...but I fail to see what is so unfair and unjust about Mike Vick pretty much getting kicked out the NFL. The NFL has some of the most strict and clear rules--surprisingly--regarding participation in illegal activities and gambling off the field. The consequences are clear too. You break, you pay. Especially when you plead guilty. But apparently, Dennis Hayes and Stephon Marbury think otherwise.
  2. Style Crunch has a preview of Roberto Cavalli's H&M collection hitting stores this fall.
  3. Tyra and Benny are splitsville. Story I put 5 on it Papa Knowles is her new manager.