Monday, August 13

Weekend Recap

I'm baaaaack:

And apparently so is the HBIC New York. I see the FOL 3 promos are about to begin.

Jesus help the chil'ren....

Rihanna was spotted all over LA this weekend leaving the hair salon:

And having some quality lunch time late last week:

Laid back and cute.

Nick C.'s wife to be kicked it in The Hamptons this weekend:

She did the Secret Garden Re-Launch Event.

Sooooo some chick tried to attack T.I. on stage at the Screamfest tour this weekend:

This really shouldn't be as funny as it is.

Mr. and Mrs. Hill welcomed a new baby girl! Her name is Lael Rose Hill. She was born in Orlando, FL at 2:45PM 8/9/07 and is 8 lbs and 6 oz. Tamia's rep tells YBF that both the baby and Tamia are fine. Congrats to them!

On to some Laurie Ann foolishness:


B is doing her 34th re-release of B' Day but this time it's a full Spanish cd. It's called the Irreemplazable LP and it's 8 songs in Spanish from B' Day. It drops August 21st.

Baby Z kicked it with the fam at Chicago's Field Museum yesterday:

Too cute.

And that you Chris Brown:

Clearly I'm going to have to re-assess my stance on looking at him strictly as a child--18 or not.

Check out Jilly's new video for "Hate On Me":

And finally, because Curtis quotes are always noteworthy....

MTV named Lil’ Wayne’s the hottest MC right now, what are your thoughts on

MTV can suck my dick. It doesn’t matter. I could say whatever I want. If I want to be an asshole, idiot, I could just say whatever I want. You know what I mean, like, I’m just doing this as an example, because I don’t really mean literally MTV could—I could say it, like MTV could say that that’s their favorite artist because that’s one person’s opinion. Whoever they said, “Can you go out and set up this list for us.” That’s their opinion who they put
in. They put Game number three when I wrote the three singles that created him. What does that mean? That I’m number 3? Because you're not into me this week, I get a chance to sit in the number eight spot, but the project that I created is number three.


The Randomness:

  1. Stop playing aint goin' nowhere.
  2. Check out the remix for Key Key's "Let It Go" ft. T.I. and Young Dro here.
  3. Hot damn. D'Angelo became the newest member of the DUI club on Friday. Get it together peoples.
  4. Here's a new track from Fanny and Monica called "No Stoppin.
  5. In non YBF more solo Gwen. No Doubt is reuniting. Story

Stay fab!