Tuesday, August 7


Na Na Campbell was spotted yachting it up summer style:

Pic source: TC

That Naomi is nothing short of fabulous.

Speaking of supermodels....Tyra's people are talking about her evil Naomiesque ways:

Cycle 1 winner Adrian said Tyra is EVIL says she was a TYRANT. She told E! that in front of cameras she's sweet and innocent, but when the cameras are off she's another NAOMI!!! Didn't we kinda get a look at that when she went off on ANTM reject Tiffany? Say it aint so Tyra...

Paula Abdul was spotted at the airport in NY yesterday:

Lookin' like lil country Ann hits the big city or something...

Diddy's first baby momma Misa Hylton has a new photo shoot rockin some of the clothes from her Madison Star Couture online boutique:

Pics source: TC
I'm just waiting for her and Kim P. to pull a Mel B./Nicole Murphy style "lunch".

And Chris Tucker is looking cute again hitting up TRL yesterday:

Fun times.
And it looks like we have a new YBF chick to be on the lookout for:

Her name is Logan Browning and she's one of the co-stars of the new Bratz movie. Check her out here.

The Randomness:

  1. Alicia Keys is co starring in The Nanny Diaries August 24th. Can't wait.

  2. The stage play is literally out of control. Make it stop!
  3. It's that time again oh fabulous ones. The 2007 Black Weblog Awards folks are now taking nominations. Submit your nods here.