Thursday, August 2

Mini Fab

Star's preserving her sexy with her personal trainer on the upper east side in NY:

I see you Ms. Jones....

Common's Finding Forever release party went down last night in NY at Marquee:


Swizz Beatz and his wife Mashonda made an appearance:

And De La Soul re-emerged as well.

We haven't had a Halle out shopping spotting in a while:

And B-Rocka is did another photo shoot for her wig line:

Pic Source: BW MB

Dare I say...these pics are pretty fab?

ANTM's Cycle 9 is here. Let the whackness begin....

The Randomness:

  1. Mel B. and Gloria Allred ain't playing around with Eddie. Story

  2. The Kellz goes on trial soon. It only took 50 years.

  3. My extreme fear of bridges comes to life. This is such a sad story. Then I just heard that approx. 60,000 bridges in this country, including this one, are deemed "structurally deficient". *Sigh*