Tuesday, August 28

How In The Bathtub Bikini Hell Did I Miss These?+Other Fabness

I don't know when these Serena bathtub bikini photos were taken nor do I care. I'm hoping a while back because chick's fab game has been stepped all the way up lately and I would hate to see a reversion:

Serena, bathtub

Serena, bathtub
Serena, bathtub
Serena, bathtub Stop playin'.

But on more fab terms....she wrecked shop at the US Open yesterday:

Serena, US OpenYeah that's just about how we're feeling about those bathtub pics as well.

Serena, US Open Cute outfit/look on the court though.

Here's the new The View promo pic with Whoopi:

Whoopi, The View Hmmm...

LeToya hosted the All White Steve Francis Welcome Back to the Houston Rockets party at the Hilton in H-Town this weekend:

LeToya Luckett, Rockets party
Fabulous indeed.

Mel B. was spotted working out in LA yesterday:

Mel B., Work out
Mel B., Work out
Mel B., Work outHer body is simply ridiculous post baby.

Wayne BradyWayne Brady was spotted out with his daughter recently.

And Kelis was spotted partying it up:

Kelis partyTipsy much KeKe?

Keyshia Cole, S2S cover

Keyshia Cole is on the cover of the new S2S mag. Loves the shoes.

Prince, Common, Alicia Keys,Rihanna

And AK, Common, and Rihanna were all spotted backstage at Prince's concert Saturday night.

The Randomness:
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