Wednesday, August 22

So Folks Just Letting Amy Crackhouse Wear Letters?+Foxy Goes To Slammerville

You know...maybe it's just the "Greek" in me coming out...but shouldn't we have a problem with this? Amy is in the new insert of Fashion Rocks rocking, according to the credits, her own NPHC shirt she made into a dress. Last time I checked Amy Winehouse was never a member of an NPHC Sorority. So now stylists are just picking up pari like this for their celeb to rock? Which in turn makes that celeb a representative for whatever they're rocking? I don't know about y'all but I know I have an issue with a proudly drugged out chick who is not my Soror rocking my letters...and extra publicly. I may be in the minority on this, but y'all know how I roll on my own blog. So speak on it...

In the "It's about damn time" news of the day....Foxy B. has been sentenced to jail time as of a couple hours ago. Thanks to these last 2 violations of her probation these last couple weeks, the judge is over her antics. It's not known how long her sentence will be or when she will start...but her ass is going. Maybe she'll just serve a few days to teach her a lesson. By the way, her management has given YBF the official word that she's not pregnant....but y'all know I'm still sticking by my previous exclusive from months ago and recently. Time will tell. Get it together Fox.