Thursday, August 9

Reunited And It Feels So Gooooood....

Hell to the mutha f**kin' naw! Bobby and Whitney have hit up Joe's Crack Crab shack in GA on very "date like" terms yesterday and folks are saying their couple status might be on the verge of being back on. I first heard this tidbit weeks back when Ray-J started going all public with his newest whack sex tape potential co-star Lil Kim. Apparently Brandy's brother and Whit broke things off a while back, Bobby raised up off a certain publicity slut's couch, and our favorite dysfuctional couple is spending some QT together as of recent. But I'm sure it's all for the good of Bobbi Kris and strictly that. Or maybe it was a pre-birthday dinner (today she's 44). Riiight. Anyways, you gotta love it. You just gotta....

And look who else hit the town last night:

Kobe and 'Nessa did it up showing that all those pesky divorce rumors were purely false. And my sources also confirmed to me the story was just made up by certain folks trying to get publicity. Surprise surprise. Y'all know damn well Vanessa aint giving up nobody's Pucci or Gucci by divorcing Kobe--no matter how bad she does or doesn't want to separate. But it looks like the two are doing A-Ok.

Everybody decided to have a couples day out yesterday:

The sexiness that is Djimon took his favorite diva to Sea World Orlando yesterday. Maybe if the killer whale was bedazzled with pink diamonds and a Baby Phat cat she would look more interested. Fun times.

And because we can never get enough Baby Z sightings:

She was spotted around town with Momma Angie yesterday in Chicago...clearly not feeling the stalkerazzi that day. Cute.

The Rush Hour 3 Friends and Family Premiere went down in Atlanta last night:

That conversation looks interesting.

JD, Evan "You know he's yours Michael" Ross, Terrance H., and Dallas Austin came out to support.

And so did Angie Stone who is clearly fabifyng her game these days:

Keep it fabulous peoples!