Friday, August 31

Irv Gotti: Yeah I Was Tappin' Ashanti

Well well well. The publicity horse is a beast. Just as we've all known and talked about here on YBF...Ashanti and Irv Gotti were indeed having a scandalous affair while he was married. And yesterday Irv hit up Wendy Williams and put all that ish on blast. Y'all know his new VH-1 reality show is coming on soon. Anyways...he talked about his drug use and their sexual relationship during his marriage to Deb. They clearly have that R. Kelly style marriage. And he says now Ashanti is pissy because she's still on the Inc...even though she's been trying to separate herself thanks to the legal woes. Apparently both sides are bitter. Check him out putting her on blast right chea. Yessir.

And for some throwback fun:

It's Murdaaah....

And for a lil extra:

Chris Brown's new video ft. T-Pain for "Kiss Kiss" is here. I'ma let y'all comment on that one.