Saturday, August 4

Annnnnnnd Cut.

*Cue the Mama tina side eye* The Ushmeka stage play has apparently come to an end. The two "wedded" according to People this weekend at Ursh's lawyer's office back in GA. And the Chicago Sun Times reports that Mama Patton was in full effect. They allegedly wanted to just do things more intimately and private this time around. So....congrats to the happy couple.

More kids of James Bown are being identified. Two just popped up as clearing a DNA test this weekend making them his chil'ren. One of the kiddies is 45. And she's pissy.

And now for the wekend candids:

Mel B. and her fiance Stephen were partying it Cameo in Miami.

And E-40 was spotted out partying somewhere:

Pic source: Buzz Foto

I guess he's serious about those glasses.

Here's a new leaked song from Chris Brown's upcoming album called "Kiss Kiss". And like every other song on the radio these days it's featuring T-Pain.