Thursday, August 30

Celebs Jet Settin'+Here We Go Again With the Raymonds

Celebs were spotted on the streets of Hollywood last night:

I see they never learn. Chick's face will be on a milk carton in 2.6 days.


And Mel B. hit the streets with her hubby Stephen:

Looking fabulous in that Herve Leger dress. But none of us need to see you all in the oral cavity of ya man. Video Spicy indeed.

Word has it Ursh and Tameka have started this ish AGAIN. They're getting married again this weekend in Atlanta according to US Weekly. This one's going to be "official" and "celeb filled". Note to both of y'all: Sit down.

Vince Carter was spotted partying it up at Lotus in NY with super producer Rich Harrison last night:

{Thanks Angela}

Here's some new pics of Raven Symone with her fans:

Is it just me or is there something a bit scary suspect about both the folks in these pis. Watch yaself girlie.

Celebs hit up the California Speedway's Running Wide Open event at Avalon in Hollywood yesterday:

Rih Rih was there and performed:

She was probably tellin' everybody to shut up and drive.
What in the Goldilocked spring curled hell?: This ish aint a good look. I honestly believe if a bird wanted that wig bad enough he could swoop down and get it in one try. That's how high that mug sits on her head right now.
YBF chick Melody Thornton was there:
I'm actually really feeling this outfit.

Asia was spotted at the MAGIC show in Vegas yesterday:

That white liner/shadow is killin me.

And Carmelo was there too:

Is he serious abuut these shoes and matching shoe laces?

In other NBA news:

Kobe and Vanessa are living it up in Vegas this week. Looks like Vanessa picked up some Vegas Showgirl wardrobe tips as well.

The Randomness:
  1. Eve hates her DUI jewelry. Story