Wednesday, August 8

A Couple of Couple Dramas+Other Fabness

Well looky looky who decided to hit up Meagan Good's b-day party at Les Deux the other night:

Oh yes. Tisha and Duane. And WTF is going on with Duane and ol girl in the back?

And a double WTF to Duane giving people a REASON in this pic to make up suspect rumors about him.

Pics source: TC

Whatev. Hopefully these two are doing just fine but I don't know.... Mel B. and this dude Stephen
been married for over a month? WTF? Mrs. Belafonte clearly had only been broken up with E-Murph for a couple months before these nuptials popped off. Funny how the same day this story gets confirmed (yesterday), she backed out of her appearance on Larry King Live that was supposed to go down last night. Interesting....

Eww. Lionel was caught coming out of LA's sex boutique CoCo Mer with a "gal pal" and a bag full-o-godies. And a grin.

Celebs hit up the R&B Live New York event this week:

Cheri Dennis hosted. But is the pink bra part of the outfit? It seems accidental.

I still can't put my finge ron what is so different about Bilal these days:

Other than those dreads getting cut off.

Amanda Diva and Ed Lover

And J. Holiday performed too:

Moving on...

So now is kickin it with the stage play couple of the year? They hit up his b-day bash recently.

And here's B's new Armani Diamonds ad:

And her commercial for the promo is here:


Pic source: Buzz Fotos

And Eve was spotted out and about recently.

The Randomness:

  1. I'll be traveling to Houston today so y'all know the deal with the posting schedule when it's travel time. Things will be back to normal on Monday.

  2. Now I just want to know what this chick is hiding. Story