Sunday, August 5

Weekend Wrap-Up

Tyra is working it out all over the NYC taping commercials and shows for her show next season:

Reppin' the CGU all day. Hot.

And on location for her show:

Fun times.

All you Pharell fans can check out a new spread of his in a mag:

Pics source: ONTD

LA Stars Celebrity Charity weekend. Here's some pics from the NBA All-Star Basketball Games:

Y'all already know Brandy was there. And she's back to her Moesha days with the braids:

Fab skin.

Tia Mowry was there:

I see you Paul Pierce rockin' the sporty version of the old man slippers:


Nick C.

And at the Rodeo Drive Experience the celebs partied it up:

I hear these two are re-doing their couple status. Oh really Ray-J and Kim?

Tamala Jones and Daytime TV's Daphne Duplaix looked fab:

Magic, Sally Richardson, and Shaun Robinson were there:

Baron, Angie Stone, and Nick kicked it.

Model Tia Alexander looked fabulous.

Stevie was there to perform.

Saaphyri made an appearance:

And Serena is still keeping her fab game up:


And Tichina A. was there.

The Randomness:
  1. Vanessa Williams and Rick Fox are hooking up again...on screen.

Keep it fab!