Friday, August 3

Rumor Control

The e-mail circulating in everybody's inbox and all over the blogosphere about Duane Martin and Tisha Campbell divorcing because of his sexuality is apparently a hoax. This is the alleged statement:

Posted Jul 17th 2007 2:01PM by TMZ Staff

Duane Martin Comes Out: Ends Eleven-Year Marriage With Tisha Campbell

Duane Martin and Tisha Campbell thought their love was a match made in heaven. By Hollywood 's standards, it was. Married August 17, 1996, thecouple transcended the norm for celebrity marriages, most lasting on average about three years. But not theirs. Their nuptials are coming toan end.The 37-year-old Martin announced to his wife a love affair with another male actor. This news devastated Tisha, 38. "It was the biggest shock of my life," Campbell says. "I've heard women say they didn't know theirman was gay or bi and I wondered how they didn't know. But I reallydidn't have a clue." Tisha expressed outrage but
she was no saint either. She also had previously acknowledged engaging in an alternative lifestyle during their marriage. The couple has a six year old son, Zen.

This piece is flooding my inbox so I reached out to the source (Gillian Sheldon--the Supervising Producer over at TMZ) to see if they really posted this. It can't be found on their site anymore because they said they NEVER WROTE IT. It's a fake. Actually, her exact words were...
No! We never posted that. It's been sent to me before and it's a
fake. If that was true you KNOW I would have sent an email
And judging by the level of e-mails I get per day from Gillian, she aint lyin'. The two could still be headed to splitsville and we'll just find out later. But as for now--the entire e-mail was a hoax. Moving on...

Now there's video of Eddie's baby mommas entering and exiting the Ivy. And how nice of Nicole to bid "Good Luck" to Tracey. Ha.