Monday, August 27

New Couple Alert: D. Woods+Yung Joc?

Yung Joc, D WoodsYBF snitches caught Danity Kane chick D. Woods and Yung Joc sharing some serious "Bad Boy" love last night at the MTB 4 finale. And it wasn't just because they're label mates. Apparently after the live taping last night in the NYC, D. Woods and Yung Joc had some fun in a photobooth and looked extra snuggly and close when they exited. Snitches say they were thisclose all night and looked like they are definitely dating--or at least much closer than just label mates. But media sources have speculated before that Yung Joc is married. And the snitches say if he is...he for damn sure wan't acting it. Damn Jasiel.