Monday, August 27

2007 Teen Choice Awards+MTB 4 Foolishness

The Teen Choice Awards went down last night in Cali and celebs were all over it:

Nick Cannon hosted it and of course wifey to be Selita was there flashing that ring.

Tia Mowry was there with her fiance Corey:

Loves the whole look. Chick is indeed fabulous.

KeKe Palmer was there looking cute:

I see she learned that red carpet pose real quick.

High School Musical chick Monique looked fab:

And Jaslene was there looking way less bobble/crack headish than usual:

I'm impressed. Seriously.

New BFFs Omarion and Bow Wow hit up the carpet.

Who is still inviting Chingy to events? I mean...for real.

Eve looked fab in a black satin pants suit:

Love this chick's style.

Moving on.....

The whackness that was the Making the Band 4 finale aired last night. For some reason they thought it necessary to host an entire hour long live special with "special performances" from Bad Boy artists included. WTF? Anyways...the new band is Brian A., Qwanell, Robert, Willie and Mike:

And apparently Donnie has been chosen to be a solo artist on Bad Boy. Which means he may get one album in the next 4 years. Then he'll get played to the back burner. You know...the Bad Boy usual that everyone except new Bad Boy artists knows about.

On another note...Danity Kane was on the show talking about those rumors about them breaking up aren't we started them or something. Ish came from ya own don't jump crunk on the public/media. Anyways...looks like Diddy got them a stylist since now they has some type of cohesiveness going on. Bout damn time.

Check out AK's new promo shots:


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