Friday, August 3

Eddie's Exes Have A "Gotcha B*tch" Lunch+Other Fabness

Eddie's exes Mel B and Nicole Murphy called up every paparazzi in LA to scope them lunching at the Ivy yesterday:

Oh the cuteness of 5 year old Bella.

I would have paid MONEY to sit in on this half sibling meeting right here. They clearly pulled this grown woman gangsta move to send a message to Eddie. Gotta love it.

Pic sources: TC/Buzz Foto/CBB

Baby Angel is getting so big already. Too cute.

Jilly from Philly is rockin' the new cover of Essence:

Too fabulous. {Thanks Sherlen}

Is it just me or is Meagan out in the club getting tipsy a whole lot these days?:

Pic source: Buzz Foto

And TMZ has some interesting video of her from another night this week where she clearly needed help to even get to her right car.

Fanny was spotted on her way to her "The Color Purple" show yesterday:

Aww look at lil Zion.

Maybe it's the tats....

And Lil Flip and Slim from 112 were spotted in Dallas at the SUITE Presents Play-N-Skillz All-Star Weekend last night:

Who is YOUR stylist Slim and where have either of y'all been?