Thursday, August 30

JD & Friends Party It Up At Studio 72

JD celebrated his opening of his new studio in Atlanta called Studio 72 last night:

Y'all know his lil boo Janet was right there with him looking fab.

Ursh and Tameka made an appearance: now we see the baby bump. Hmmm...

DJs Frank Ski and Ryan Cameron were there:

And Monica's preggers self rolled through:

Too cute.

Nelly made an appeaance sans Ashanti:

More about that later.

I'm just not feelin this hair right chea T-Boz.

Chef Garvin hit up the party.

And GTFOH Case. Is that you? Where has this dude been?


FOL chick Crystal was there:


And Lil Jon was there looking a fool as usual:

And inside the party:

JD hit the turntables.

Tameka got extra chatty with Nelly but I hear she was looking like she wasn't feeling the party all night:

And Usher and Nelly chatted up while he performed.

Fun times.