Wednesday, August 1

The Juice

Looky looky:

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T.I. is all over the pages of the upcoming issue of Complex mag. He talked fashion with Fashion editor K-West. That man T.I.....the swexy (sexy swagger) is ridiculous right now.

Wedding beef?

Sim Sima! The drama is on and poppin' with Beenie Man and his soon to be ex-wife D'Angel. They got married less than a year ago and now they're already headed to splitsville. Apparently all of Jamaica is in a frenzy about this breakup ish because Beenie is allegedly pulling a Diddy on this chick. They even aired their dirty laundry on a Jamaican radio station yesterday when D'Angel called in to the station during Beenie's interview. Listen here.

D'Angel (who is an up and coming singer) is taking note from Kim P. and YBF snitches gave up more details. D'Angel is saying that Beenie Man has totally dissed her for a 19 year old from Queens, New York even though they just got married months ago and have a 5 month old baby. Get it together Moses Davis.

Hmm...those weren't there before Jenny:

Pic source: ONTD

Add boobage much?

Why oh why is Gary Coleman acting a fool in Utah?

The Randomness:

  1. I have a feeling Mr. Obama is about to get straight caught up. Story The cracked out blond D.U.I. clique will get ya every time...

  2. The real question here is when did Jaslene become a Victoria's Secret model? Story
  3. I want to issue a HUGE "Thank you!" to all the YBF fans and supporters. I get a ridiculous amount of emails and messages and comments in support of me and what I do and honestly those are the only things keeping me writing YBF. This is MY SH*T. So thank you to my suppporters for giving me a reason to keep the fabulousness going. Love y'all!