Tuesday, August 28


So Meagan Good has some words for all off us who have issues with her damn "signature" earrings:

Meagan Good, Thomas Jones

Meagan Good, Thomas Jones Meagan Good, Thomas JonesMeagan Good, Thomas JonesWhatev. She was hitting up her man Thomas Jones' b-day party a few days ago. I'm still a fan though. Maybe she should aim that look over to Lil Kim who looked too close for comfort with her man:

Lil Kim, Thomas Jones
Lil Kim, Thomas JonesI'm just sayin...

Lil Kim

Lil KimKim looked cute though.

Thomas Jones, Damon WayansAnd Damon Wayans came through.

Diddy and the Knowles Klan are at the MAGIC fashion event in Vegas:

Diddy, Beyonce, Tina Knowles, MAGIC Diddy, Beyonce, MAGIC

Good luck peddling that Houseofdamnitsallwrong.

Diddy, MAGICLL, MAGICLL is there.

Diddy, Rich Boy, MAGIC
And so is Rich Boy.

Rih Rih was spotted walking the streets:

RihannaI'm convinced that boot is only on for accessorizing purposes at this point.

Ms. Jackson was spotted at Serena's US Open match in NY this week:

Janet Jackson, US Open

She was there rockin' Venus' new Eleven clothing line.

Janet Jackson, US Open
Janet Jackson, US Open
Janet Jackson, US Open

Janet Jackson, US OpenCute.

Jackie Joyner Kersee, US OpenJackie Joyner Kersee was on hand at the Hall of Fame ceremony.

And Momma Retha sang the National Anthem:

Aretha, US Open
Aretha, US OpenNo chi chi slippage in sight.

Soulja Boy and The Band hit TRL yesterday:

Soulja Boy, TRLWho gave this lil boy a glue pen?

Soulja Boy, TRL Soulja Boy, TRL
Making The Band, TRL
Making The Band, TRLYeah.....

Check out Tyra's new ANTM promo pic:

Tyra Banks, ANTM

Tyra Banks, ANTM


Speaking of The Band, they partied it up at Talib Kweli's Eardrum album release party this week at Lotus in NY:

Making The Band, Talib KweliTalib Kweli And of course Diddy, Biv, and DK were there too.

Talib Kweli
Talib Kweli

Talib Kweli, Danity Kane
Talib Kweli, Aubrey O'Day
Come get ya girl Diddy.

Star, Pinky, and Gal hit the Polo Challenge closing ceremony in the Hamptons this week:

Star Jones, Hamptons, Al Reynolds, Hamptons Star Jones, Al Reynolds, HamptonsStar Jones, Al Reynolds, HamptonsCute BCBG dress.

And B. Smith was there too:

B. Smith, Hamptons
B. Smith, Hamptons

Let's check in with the celebs who performed overseas this week:


Kelis Kelis did it up at a music fest outside of Paris.

And Ice Cube did it up in Sydney:

Ice Cube
Ice Cube
Ice Cube

And lastly:

Dani Evans, Top Model, Lane Bryant Catalog
WTF Dani? Just...WTF?