Sunday, August 5

Weekend Candids & Foolishness

Cassie was spotted entering Madison Square Garden to go watch Beyonce's concert last night. Maybe she learned a thing or two. I doubt it though.
Rih Rih hit up her concert too...

Everybody wants to pick up tips...

Looks like Mel B was celebrating poolside with champagne this weekend. Why? Because Eddie finally man'd up and said he's the father...but now she's getting in his ass about not doing anything about visiting his child. The saga continues....

Jenny looked fab having a shopping day out yesterday at Barney's.

And Rih Rih was spotted out at The Grove in LA kickin' it with some friends:


So Blu Cantrell is solidifying her place in the "I'ma party to keep my name out there" club. She was spotted outside LA nightclub Hyde last night. And I'm not feeling this look for a summer night at the club at all.

Here are some more of the ridiculously sexy Djimon Hounsou for Calvin Klein ads:

Pic source: JJB

Don't forget about the other 2 I posted here. Damn you KiKi.

B hit up Mi TRL to do some Salsa with the host:

Fun times.

And I loves the dresses.

VH-1 has done it again and the casting for FOL 3 has officially kicked off. You can vote for the new girs over at the casting site since 5 of those will be chosen. And Flav says he wants a classy girl this time. Seriously? I'm SO over this ish. I also hear a Charm School 2 with the Rock of Love girls is in the making....

Jay hit up Hot 97 Friday to talk about all the rumors surrounding his alleged love child, marriage rumors, and his main chick's relationship with that infamous flight of stairs. Check out the audio here. {Thanks Showtime}

And Mr. John Jackson has done it again. Check out these new exclusive remixes for "Make me Better". One is featuring Jagged Edge and the other is featuring Lil Mo. {Shout out to Nile over at}

The Randomness:

  1. So Halle and Billy Bob are basically doing a Monster's Ball Part 2? Story

  2. Thandie Newton talks about suffering from bulimia.

  3. The man killed by Ving Rhames' dogs has been identified. He was the dogs' caretaker.