Monday, August 6

Bedazzled In The City

Put on your stunnas and check out B and J out and about in the city this weekend having dinner and stuff:

And y'all know she aint rockin nothing but that Houseofdoitwrong.

Oh....but there's more. They pulled a costume change on our asses:

I love me some B but I WILL NOT deal with the blindmebedazzling that is House of Dereon. Please stop the madness.

Moving on...Ms. Jackson was spotted living it up in the MIA this weekend at the club:

So much for those reports of her gaining all her weight back. Chick still looks fab.

An interesting source sent over some fresh pics of Rihanna and her "friend" Omarion...again (that he posted up on his official myspace page):

I peeped these last week and decided not to post them. But now that sources are saying there may be a lil something something going on (despite their denial), then my job is to relay the juice. There ya go.

And because we can never get enough of that chick :

She was hopping about NY last night while out for dinner. And did she try to replicate the fashion statement on her left leg kicked off by Lindsay Lo and Eve's alcohol monitoring anklets?

Well well well Ms. Mo was spotted by YBF reader Lady Hudson performing this weekend:

And when you look at the larger pic, you can peep a bit of a tummy bulge. You read it here FIRST on YBF several weeks ago that snitches informed me Monica was preggers. And sources at the show say it looked as though it's true.

Cassie, Lauren London, and Asia (from the PSD gang) are Diddy's new models for the women's Sean Jean line. here's an exclusive look at Cassie's ad:

And one with Ms. London:

Diddy is debuting his new women's collection for Holiday 2007 with G-III Apparel Group. The new Sean John Women's line is a juniors, urban collection with a contemporary edge.

Speaking of Lauren, she's looking fab in the new issue of VIBE magazine:

{Thanks Jason} Hot.

Mel is milking this 15 minutes for some gallons I see. She's set to be the new host on "Dancing With The Stars". Interesting.

The Randomness:

  1. I am loving the Fashionista Diaries. But ol girl Bridgette is already on my filed down nerve.

  2. Speaking of reality tv....damn that Kimora for making me love Life in the Fab Lane. Got me setting my DVR to record EVERY episode and stuff.....

  3. Chris Rock IS NOT the father. Story