Monday, August 13

Foolywang Material: The Bootz and Badu Edition

Somebody told Bootz it's a good idea to get her own show and be hella obvious about being a walking fake publicity stunt. Blackpressradio says she has a new "project" called "Charmed by Larissa" where she goes from city to city preaching to folks about how much she's changed and why they should too. She promises she has made the switch from bad girl to soon-to-be role model. *crickets* And for $20, you can buy a ticket to see her when she hits your city to promote her new hair line, calendar, and "sermon". Chick couldn't give away a chicken sandwhich to T.I. or Amy Winehouse so I know this mess is about to be nothing short of serious floppage. But the real question here is....will she be selling those pink corsets like the one she's rocking above? Just asking...

Ms. Badu had a concert at the Paradiso last night in Amsterdam:

Clearly she and L-Boogie had lunch this weekend. WTF is going on here?