Saturday, June 23

Ummm....Does Trina Know About This Karrine?

Weezy and Trina last week

Supahead strikes again. And Weezy thinks he's slick. Back in that B.O.B. video I posted about it sounded like she said "Weezy" at the end. And since Trina and Weezy appeared to be back together as of last would think Ms. Karrine wasn't talking about Weezy F. Baby.
But on the newest video taped a few days ago (click "Say Baby")...Karrine is straight asking for Trina to come cut that chick. Apparently Lil Wayne is Supahead's newest conquest....and her new boo. This chick decided to show their hotel room in Miami Beach (post throws of passion I'm sure) and proceeded to talk about how her baby "got her". And yes...she stated plain as day it's Weezy. I guess that explains why sources have been telling me Karrine's been down in the MIA quite often these days. Whatever Supahead. You might want publicity but Trina might want that ass........