Monday, June 25

Note to T.I.P. Harris: Calm The Hell Down

T.I.P. @ Kevin Liles' Power Brunch and Chaka Zulu @ his own event yesterday

Y'all know how it is when it gets hot outside....folks start to fight. First Foxy, now T.I.P. Sources are saying T.I. got into a scuffle...ok a Kevin Liles' Power Brunch yesterday afternoon. It was a pre-BET celebration and of folk had to act up. Apparently T.I.P. threw out the first punch and wailed on Chaka Zulu (the DTP Co-Founder and CEO) and then proceeded to choke him. That man does have a bad temper (more on that in my interview with him I'm posting up later). Ludacris apparently didn't want to be involved because sources say he walked out the brunch as soon as the fight started. When folks started to help defend Chaka, security got involved. And T.I. left the brunch still talking mess. Nobody knows what set this dude off. Maybe Chaka said something about Tiny coming to the brunch looking like foolywang material:

I'm just sayin'....