Sunday, June 24

Payback's A B*tch Foxy+Ne-Yo's Baby Mama Drama

See what happens when you fight somebody with weave glue Foxy....chicks beat you down with your own weave months later for breaking up with their friend. Yes indeed. According to the Daily News, this weekend Fox Boogie was in the midst of breaking up with her boyfriend (who she is STILL remaining silent about) and he got salty and called his girls to come whoop that ass. Supposedly the friends of the now ex boyfriend ripped out Foxy's weave...$0.99 hair glue and all....and her hearing aid. I guess that's why she didn't hear them jack her for her paper and her bag. Damn damn damn. I promise y'all I would have paid good money to see that ish. But fa real...are we really sill calling folks to come beat somebody down for us? Ol dude is a punk for that mess. Three against one aint never fair....funny...but not fair at all. I wonder how all this is affecting her secret pregnancy.

UPDATE: Foxy's management team Black Hand Ent. just sent over this statement:
I just wanted to let you know that the Daily News printed
that Foxy Brown stopped cooperating with the police after her representative arrived at the police station. That representative was our CEO Chaz Williams. Also Foxy's bag was recovered by Chaz within hours. Foxy will not be going to court to pursue the charges.

So this rumor just turned into factual information. And it's still funny.

Just when all the hoopla died down about Ne-Yo not being the biological father of the baby he claims (pics here), the baby's mother is trying to put him on blast. Well that's what it sounds like. Model Jesseca White (not the well known Jessica white...but this chick right here) has recorded a song and put it on her myspace page. I guess she wasn't happy about the way things came out about her. It's really not that serious though. But everybody wants a record deal these days.....

And just for S's and G's...looks like vacay's over. Bigga was spotted on their last day on the yacht and in St. Tropez this weekend:

Oh really?

Lovin' this outfit.

Then they hit up the airport:

Source: Just Jared

Some folks are saying this is Jay's alleged son (and possibly the mother in the above pics too). Others are saying it's a friend's son. I still think they pulled a Brangelina.