Thursday, June 14

Oh Really?

Bigga vacay just doesn't stop. Here's more pics from their yacht yesterday:

So now Jay is the paparazzi.

What? PDA? Shocker.

{Thanks Latosha}

Keeping it YBF at all times. Gotta love it.

Congrats to LeBron and Savannah.

Baby Bryce Maximus James was born at 12:51am today in Ohio. Awww.


Kobe's ex bodyguard is snitching and has written a tell all book about what really went down with Kobe and the Colorado chick in the rape case. Dude even has a whole website up already about it. Karma's a b*tch....

Here's the MTB 4 preview:

Hmmmm.... suspect material at its best. kicks off this Monday. Meanwhile...Cheri Dennis was off getting pepper sprayed during her arrest I told y'all about. Damn shame.

The Randomness:

  1. WTF? Why is Black Hollywood on this Save Paris trip? Boo Flavor Flav. And I guess Eve was just trying to find something nice to say....

  2. Did we really need this "Umbrella remix"?