Tuesday, June 5

They Never Learn

Bill Bellamy and fam hit up a Lucky Kid event recently:

Too cute.

So Akon thought he could get away with this ish:

Now the first time he acted a fool on stage with that 14 year old girl I wasn't even about to blame him for not knowing the club let an underage chick inside. But he is straight wrong for tossing some little boy into the audience at an outdoor concert. And now the po pos are trying to get at both of them.

Here's some pics from Diddy's CFDA Fashion Awards afterparty last night:

Terrance, Rocsi, and AJ were there.

And while Diddy's winning fashion awards:

He forgot to pay attention to the foolishnes that is Danity Kane. Aubrey's on that Paris/Lindsay track...watch ya girl Diddy.

Bre was there trying to stay relevant.

Derrick Ward

And Miss USA Rachel Smith and Miss Universe were there kickin it:

Stay fab!