Wednesday, June 13

Get It Together!

Shar Jackson lost her damn mind and went and got knocked K-Fed. Sources are saying she's 2 months preggers and Kevin is finding out via today's tabloids. Clearly somebody hasn't learned about his whack baby daddy ways with his other 4 children. And she says she hopes it brings them back together? Boo. I can't even say he's her meal ticket because K-Fed couldn't buy a Big Mac right now if he wanted to. But keep it funky...are we really all that surprised? We should be surprised about why this chick is on a show called "The Ex-Wives Club" and she never signed nan a wedding certificate. If I was her I'd be more mad I just spent some serious g's on all that lipo just to get preggers for the fifth time. Damn. Get it together Shar.

UPDATE: Apparently Shar is going around to media outlets (who'll listen) today to put the rumor to rest and saying she's NOT preggers.

Lil Mo is about to release another cd called Pain and Paper and it's due out August 28th. She's shooting her first vid off the album for "Sometimes" in the ATL on the 19th and 20th with Jim Jones. Good luck with that Mo.

I don't know when Hammer recorded this joint nor do I care. It needs to be addressed:

I'm all for social empowerment...but did he and Sisqo have a comeback conference? Who else was there? Why is everybody trying to revive their very dead careers? No words.

Do we really need to see Jazzy Jeff half naked in bed?

I mean...really.


So rumors are still popping off about Kelly Rowland and her new man...Kieran Richardson. In a recent interview I had with her she seemed to be covering up a special someone...but now sources are saying she and the UK soccer player have been together for months. Word has it they met backstage at one of her recent concerts and ever since then he's been chartering flights to Cannes to be with her recently and she's been back and forth to the UK more than usual lately. I see you Ms. Kelly......

In case you missed it:

The Randomness:

  1. Keyshia Cole is getting a Season 2 for "The Way It Is" reality show on BET. I have no shame....y'all already know I'll be all in it. The new season kicks off this fall conveniently around the same time as her new album release for Just Like You on September 18th. By the way...Key Key will be shooting her new video for her first single "Let It Go" ft. Missy and Lil Kim next week.

  2. Check out T.I.'s leaked track "You Know What It Is" here.

  3. You can now check out Chrisette Michele' entire album over at VH-1.