Wednesday, June 27

The BET Awards-The Show

On to the show...

Monique did her usual and kicked a Beyonce performance for her intro. Then she had LL take off the shoe that she didn't kick off mid performance. Niiiiice.

Big Gipp and Murphy Lee

Luda won Best Collabo with MJB for "Runaway Love".


I see there was a foolywang material entrance meeting backstage. Poor Larissa.

It pains me to say it...but one of my fave performances of the night was Public Enemy's tribute to James Brown.

I was heated when they got introduced as doing the tribute...but some kind of way it all made since. The reunion was fab.

That damn Bootsey.

Look at Mini Diddy growing up....

Kelly and Mario got all huggy backstage.

Yolanda Adams and her daughter

Nick and Selita

Ashanti, Debra Lee, Kim, and Mama Douglas

Damn Kim...just damn.

Ashanti and Nells got their cute couple on.

Congrats to Jen on nabbing that Best Actress Award.

And the tribute to the fabulous Mrs. Ross:

Stevie, Chaka, and Erykah Badu performed:


Don Cheadle received the Humanitarian Award.

Ne-Yo and Fabo performed. "Make Me Better" is my favorite song out right now and I still didn't like the performance.

Henry Simmons, Big Boi, and Mario presented an award.

Weezy F. Baby and his Daddy received an award. They decided to bring the kids on stage with them all night. Cute idea...but Wayne has been letting lil Regginae watch too many Kelis concerts.

CiCi performed "Like A Boy" and made it rain on some folks:

And she aint slick. I peeped that big as day blinged out #25? on the back of that cape they threw on her at the end. And even though Reggie Bush wasn't in her performance (bad move CiCi), that is most def his Saints football number. You aint slick girl...with all that girly football gear you rockin' aint slick.

T.I. performed "Big Things Poppin'":

And he decided to apologize for that fight he got into this past weekend after he accepted the Best Hip Hop Artist award:

I see you T.I. Or was that T.I.P.? Whatev. And y'all know Tiny was siting right by his side all night (looking a mess). She aint playin' with y'all...

Eddie Levert, Patti Labelle, Gladys Knight, and Yolanda Adams did a fab tribute for Gerald Levert:

And Diddy performed "Last Night" with Key Key Cole:

I loved her look for once.

Then he brought out the Queen Bee to spit a verse on the track. I know somebody stuffed her into this outfit because she looked hella uncomfortable. But whatev. I'm glad she's back.

B won 2 awards including Video of the Year for "Irreplaceable":

That's Weezy's daughter happy as pie.

And as for her performance:

Definitely hot.

And she brought Monique out to perform with her...right before she intro'd Kelly in the same set:

Cute outfit.

It never ceases to amaze me the lengths Papa Knowles...and Kelly...will go through to keep this girl in the shadows. Can this chick have her own set please?! Damn! But I can't even lie....somebody needs to work on their live vocals game a bit more before taking this show on the road. Eve's performance outfit was one of the hottest of the night. She rocked knee high boots and long sleeves in the summer and it STILL looked fabulous. Now can somebody please mak me understand why backup dancer Solange got her own damn cylinder to pop up on at the end of the Bey/Michelle/Kelly set? WTF is going on here?

Anthony Anderson and Lauren London presented.

The strongest silicone ever....holds up under serious hot lights.

50 performed "Amusement Park":

And Robin did some "Lost Without You". Paula was no where to be found all night though.

The Queen was there looking fab.

Claudia Jordan

And the Jennifers did a FABULOUS performance/duet for "And I am Telling You":

Nice. Check out the full list of last night's winners here.

I must say...BET stepped their game up a bit. If only they could do the same for all these whack reality shows coming up.....