Friday, June 22

Pre-Weekend Fabness


@ last night's Colette Jewelry store opening

Fancy is such a cute preggers chick. I can only imagine what size that twin holding tummy is about to be later if this is only about 4 months though. Pain. But clearly nothing is about to stop this chick from strutting somebody's red carpet even when she has nan a movie out....

The BFF click wasspotted out with D-Wade partying it up in Miami at SET:


So now Tyrese is officially announcing he's engaged to his baby mamma to be Norma:

And I'm mad at whoever believed those Brandy and Tyrese engagement rumors. B-Rocka's publicist is working overtime to clear that ish up.

Will was on the set of his baby girl Willow's new movie Kit Kittredge: An American Girl Mystery:



And Rihanna is in the new issue of Hello! Canadian Edition talking about wanting to date:

{Click Pic}

Guess she felt left out when she wasn't invited on the Bigga yachting trip.

A few random celebs hit up the Los Angeles Film Festival Opening Night Party at Angeleno:

Darius Mcrary and Vanessa Williams

And to think...I used to have a crush on Eddie Winslow.

Don Cheadle and Cuba Gooding Jr.

Speaking of can check out his newest interview where he was interviewed by one of his Ocean's 13 co-stars.

Taraji P. Henson and Leslie David Baker


Damn Jaslene:

So food is still not your friend....and now Meagan Good is? I see them damn earrings....

Celebs came out to the Entertainment Weekly party last night in NY:

Jade showed up with her new man:

That model dude Bobby from B's "Irreplaceable" video.

Model Chanel Iman

I'm sorry. I can get past those feet...

Selita Ebanks was there. Hmm...she and Nick haven't been spotted much together recently. I guess rockin' the rock is better anyway....

Fab chick Amerie was there:

Loves it.

And of course Rihanna was there...

...showing off her wet spread in the recent issue. I'm so over that photoshoot set up.


Is that you Pras?

Rih Rih performed:

Montel and Ice T kicked it.

I would LOVE to hear this conversation.

I told y'all yesterday this heffa was entirely to close to Mr. John Jackson. And apparently they ended up in some jump off like activities that evening. It's not a game Hodashian. I do carry a blade for very specific purposes....

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