Thursday, June 21

Kissy Kissy+New Couple Alert

Bigga got all kissy on their private yacht yesterday in Portofino. Is this the first time we've actually seen a real kiss between these 2 over the past 4 years? Somebody write this ish in the history books...

Damn these cute couples....

So last night Russ Parr's premiere for his new movie The Last Stand went down here in DC. And YBF snitches spotted a new couple getting all kissy and cozy on the red carpet and in private:

Yes....a big WTF is what came to my mouth too. Mya's new man is Darrin Henson and everybody had the WTF look on their faces when they saw these two getting frisky at last night's premiere. My sources tell me they wanted to keep it under wraps...but apparently "forgot" people could see them all over each other. I'm gonna need for both of them to understand the power of publicity...and I need for both of them to stop acting like they don't need it. They should be happy their name is even being said. Especially you Ms. Mya. Keep it funky...

The Randomness:

  1. So Lisa Bonet got knocked up by man who was engaged to someone else? Damn. Story

  2. Fancy's preggers...with twins! Story