Wednesday, June 27


Hmmm is Sanaa looking a bit....round in the tummy area lately?

She was at Patti Labelle's b-day party in Vegas a few weeks ago...and with a diamond on that ring finger. And she's been dating NFLer Adewale for a while now. Preggers much Sanaa? You be the judge.

Na Na Campbell was spotted out at Cipriani's Rest. in London last night:

And Garcelle's Playboy cover has hit the net:

Here we go again...

Y'all know I had my YBF snitches out and about for the BET festivities this week. And here's the dish:

Celebs came out to Debra Lee's official pre-BET Awards Dinner and party at Blvd 3 Monday night:

Ashanti and Nelly came through extra huggy and kissy. I hear they were super cute all coupled up throughout the night.

Tichina showed off her hot new cut.

Apparently Kim Hodashian craves publicity more than we think...and gets pissy when she doesn't get it. When YBF LA Correspondent interviewed Aubrey from Danity Kane...she insisted on her new BFF Kim to be included. So after getting the scoop on what's next for Danity Kane (nothing by the way)...Hodashian's publicist tried to wreck shop on folks about not taking pics of her meeting Supahead. Apparently she was mad Kim couldn't ride Aubrey's coat tail throughout the night and didn't want her to be associated with yet another ho. Whatev. I'm just happy she was nowhere near Mr. Bush all night...

That Gabby is so fabulous.

The IGA BET Awards post party went down at Mr. Chow's last night:

Singer Keri Hilson looked fabulous in the dress. Loves it.

Sean Garrett

Speaking of fab dresses:

Pussycat Doll Melody Thornton rocked this look nicely.

Perhaps I should keep my slight crush on Young Buck to myself....

MJB rolled through:

And chilled with Robin Thicke and her hubby. She says she is working on a new album that is going to be extremely hot. But she refused to spill who will be on the tracks.

Try again Nicole S.

Slim Thugga rolled through. And he spilled the beans to YBF snitches that his ex LaToya Luckett is indeed engaged. Interesting....

Brandy and Co. were there.

Oh Kim:

I just don't understand.

Goldie made an appearance.

Brick and Lace

And over at the official BET Awards After party:

Eddie's ex-wife Nicole was there.

And so was Tracey. I wonder how that went over.

Ne-Yo brought a date I see..

SO these dudes are going forth with this TGT insanity?

What did Cheryl and Larry Birkhead discuss?

Dani looked cute.

Fonzworth B. brought his dad and his *ahem* girlfriend.

Marcus Polk

And over at JD's afterparty:

Janet boo...that ma'am.

Big Boi and his wife

Rih Rih was there.

And Ashanti and Nelly got their cute couple on again:

Fun times.

For all y'all bored at work folks...check out the World of Pop Culture (that show on VH-1) quiz game right here. You know it's a guilty pleasure. MTV is about to do its own version of this with hip hop.

The Randomness:
  1. Here's the trailer for Who's Your Caddy starring Big Boi.

  2. Speaking of movies, Fabolous and Keyshia Cole are starring in a new movie that will be directed by Karl Lagerfield. Yes...Karl who is the head designer over at Chanel. It's called Only The Hood Dies Young. Are they serious?

  3. Today is the official HIV Testing Day. Work that out my people.