Friday, June 1

Celebs Heart Publicity

Rih Rih wins the publicity slut of the week award. She's all over the pages of Giant mag:

She talked about her father who partook in crack activities {more on that in the actual issue} and purposely gaining weight to get an ass over at Giant. I love the fact she's bringing something new to the game...not talent..but a fresh look. I'm still mad I have to be happy about that.

Her new promo pics are hot. Good Girl Gone Bad drops next Tuesday. Get ready for Rih Rih overload...

It's about that time again. Baby Z and Pax were spotted on their way to school in Prague yesterday:

I put 10 on it that look will be Zahara's red carpet signature fab scowl when she hits the teen years.

Kidada Jones hosted the Kidada for Disney Couture Party at a private residence in Bel Air yesterday:

Casual chic.

Y'all know pops and sister Rashida were there.

And so was Kidada's best friend from way back Nicole Starvrichie.

And the diva who loves publicity was in full force last night:

Diddy hit up the the Fragrance Foundation FiFi Awards last night to accept his award for having the Fragrance of the Year--Unforgivable. I must admit...a man wearing Unforgivable could look like Miss Jay and I would still be a flirt.

The Randomness:

  1. Anybody else catch The Starter Wife last night on USA? Great show. Love...Gossip...and Gucci. What else does a chick need? I'm glad I found a good summer indulgement because the tv lineup is slim pickings right now. Anika Noni Rose is on the show too. Fab.

Keep it fabulous!