Thursday, June 21

Event Fab

Lorraine Schwartz launched her Diamond Monkey Collection at the Monkey Bar in NY last night:

J-Lo was there looking FIERCE.

Cassie loves those loose tunics doesn't she? Whatcha hiding there Assie?

And Momma Tina was there with Cousin Angie:

They had to find something to do since Bigga and Co. left them off the private yacht invite list. Ha.

Tracy Waples and DJ Clue kicked it.

Ashanti was there chattin' it up with Hodashian:

I see Britney Gastineou's trying to rock my Louboutins. Keep trying boo...

Speaking of the Hodashian...

She is sitting entirely to close to Mr. John Jackson. And y'all know I aint havin' that.

I gave up on Janice Combs a long time ago.

Julissa, Pharrell, The Wig, and Capricorn Clark

Lorraine Schwartz got some kisses:

Fun times all around.

WTF? Why are Syrus from the Real World and William Hung in the same space?

And WTF is up with your pants Syrus? I'm puzzled by the whole situation...

Here's pics from another Chrisette Michele performance the other night at Spotlight in NYC. It was part of the "R&B Live" series at Spotlight:

It was hosted by Egypt and A.J. Lyfe rolled through too.

And so did Babyface.

Where you been Olivia?

And Q-Tip and Terrance rolled through too:

Baby Z is going to be hilarious when she gets older:

Getting picked up from school in Prague yesterday

She already loves the camera.

MiMi and her boy toy were spotted out and about last night:

Apparently this mystery man has been living with her for several months and they've been in a relationship together for 4 years. Spill it MiMi....

DJ Irie's B-day party went down in Miami at Forge last night:

DJ Irie, D-Wade, and Zo

I wasn't feeling anybody's look at this lil soiree. Including Shaq and D-Wade's.


Alonzo made an appearance.
And Dennis Rodman still thinks we care about his foolishness:

OJ...are you serious?

This man is partying it up these days huh? Guess he's got to promo that book of his that got leaked anyway. Whatev.

50 Cent did a "50 Cent Live" set at the 2007 Cipriani Wall Street Concert Series Benefitting the Sarah Ferguson Foundation last night:

50 and Fergie--the Dutchess
I guarantee you he tried to hit it.
Model Jessica White was there too:


Oh 50....

The Randomness:
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