Thursday, June 7

B*tch Please: The D.U.I. Hilton Edition

I put 5 on it Paris flashed her signature crotch to get out the slammer this early. This chick is reportedly out of jail as of this morning and will be serving 40 days on house arrest. The "authorities" are saying this 3 days is the typical service time for this type of D.U.I. charge, but I have a feeling if her name was Sherniqua her ass would still be holding up some jail cell walls. And I already have issues wth people claiming "unfair treatment" when their definition of unfair is the simple fact the law is being applied to them.
The authorities said last month that she would NOT be getting house arrest and would not get special treatment...but all it took for her was for her to claim she had a rash for her to get up out that piece. Note to the authorities: I'm sure that "rash" was there thanks to her previous 25 sex buddies. Somebody get this chick a contract to shoot another sex tape. Clearly her boredom will get the best of her again cuz y'all know she's about to party it up with house parties for the next 40 days. So now 3 D.U.I.'s = a few days in jail? B*tch please.