Saturday, March 31

Weekend Fab

The NCAA 2007 Final Four Tournament going down this weekend in the ATL. Of course you know folks have to throw a concert. T.I. hosted this one:

And apparently somebody messed around and told him he was cut enough to remove his shirt again for the crowd:

He just stomps all over my sexy outlook of him when he does ish like this. Stop it T.I.

And look who was standing by to watch Mr. Tip Harris perform:

Hot damn Tiny. I guess you not even trying to hear the word "breakup" huh? Even when T.I. tells the media he let you go. Love hurts.

What are youuuuu doing there Forest?

Polow Da Don and Jazze Pha

Moving on...

The sexiness that is Idris Elba was at his premiere for The Reaping last night:

I'll overlook the fact that I'm mad at whoever put him in this suit. He would benefit so much from having a woman in his life. *looking for his manager's contact info to slide my number in an e-mail*

Tyra was spotted out and about leaving DSW:

No really, she was.

Oh Tyra. I despise white shoes but I despise her hair color even more.

Brand was spotted leaving Yoga this past Thursday in LA. WHatever gets your mind right chica...

And here's the lineup for Essence Fest 2007 in New Orleans:

{Click pic for larger image}

I will be ALL in it.

The Randomness:
  1. The B'Day video anthology leaks just don't stop. You can now watch every vid from the DVD over at The Forums. It's been updated with the videos for "Flaws and All" and "Still In Love" (which she clearly shot herself with a home video camera and threw it on the DVD). But there's something about them I like...