Sunday, June 3

The 2007 MTV Movie Awards

These awards were whack at best. The College Hill 4 marathon was hella more interesting and that is NOT a good look when that's the case. So while flipping between the foolish V.I. v. Cali nonsense and this...I caught the red carpet and some of the show:

Jigga brought that swagger we all love him for in a summery style three piece suit. He looked hot on the red carpet and gets my YBF Best Dressed Male seal.

Neicy Nash compromised with us folks who hate that damn signature flower she rocks:

She hid it in her ponytail. I'm loving the yellow and aqua look though. So thanks to slim pickings...Ms. Nash gets the YBF Best Dressed Female seal.

Is it really that hard to rock something other than jeans on the red carpet Tyrese?

I tried to ignore it because I still think he's suspect for that baby momma beat down drama a while back....but Tyrese was still looking yummy on the carpet. I hear he was overheard telling D.U.I. Hilton to keep her head up though.

Paris and Tyrese

Will people please let this heffa go to jail without giving her a bib and a bottle please?

Fergy Ferg hit up the carpet in basic black.

Jessica Alba's dress didn't do well on tv. Seeing that she looks damn near half her size now compared to a few years ago...a sheet type dress probably isn't the best for her.

YBF chic Monique was there with the some of her the High School Musical cast:

Cute. She's 26 and doesn't look a day over 18.

I wasn't loving Rih Rih's look:

Her makeup was better than her dress though.

Mr. Jackson came through.

The Simmons girls were there:

Can't say that I'm loving these looks either.

Even the usual fab chick Eva Mendes didn't wow me:

Cute dress...wrong bag. It looks like she couldn't make up her mind on whether she wanted to go shopping or on somebody's red carpet.

And during the show Jigga performed "Umbrella" with Rihanna:

Chris Tucker and Victoria Beckham introduced them.

Somebody's channeling Madonna I see. I didn't snooze through the performance but MTV really needs to step their game up next time around.

Jaden Smith won for Best Breakthrough Performance. His "acceptance speech" was hilarious thanks to his parents. Check out the rest of the winners here.

Stay fab!